STRAIT-LINE 6041400CD Rolling Tape 300

STRAIT-LINE 6041400CD Rolling Tape 300Manufacturer: American Tool Companies
Model: 6041400CD
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  • Complete layout and measurement projects by yourself.
  • Simply roll on a surface to measure in 1/8″ increments over 300 ft.
  • Adds measurements and computes even spaced points for precise layout. It does the math!
  • Auto marking, no need for pencils and it keeps the surface clean.

Product Description
Strait-Line Rolling Tape, Is A Quick Measuring Tool That Automatically Divides & Marks Surfaces, Rolling Tape Features A 1/6″ Resolution For Accuracy, An Interactive, Easy To Use LCD Screen & Auto-Marking Tool, Rolling Tape Is Menu Driven With Intuitive Function Selections For Units, Memory & Mode.
It takes quite an innovation to make us dance in the warehouse aisles. But we’re dancing. And measuring everything in sight, while we’re at it. Strait-Line’s incredible Rolling Tape measures, calculates and even tells you where to hang your pictures. We want to emphasize here that this gadget actually does the math for you. Say you’re ready to install a chair rail in the kitchen. You have two choices: You can get out your tape measure, pencil and paper and measure, add, check your math, fix your mistake, then measure and add some more—that is, if you can wrangle the tape by yourself. Your other (and far more attractive) option is to press the Rolling Tape to the wall and push the button. Do the same thing on each surface, then read the total on the big, clear screen and buy that length of molding. Want to hang five pictures evenly on a 22-foot wall? Just tell Rolling Tape how many pictures, roll, hammer and hang. It even has a little dimpler to mark the spots as it determines them. Incredible. Our only complaint: It ought to come with the batteries.–Kris Jensen-Van Heste
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