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STRAIT-LINE 6041400CD Rolling Tape 300

Manufacturer: American Tool Companies Model: 6041400CD Rating: (10 reviews) List Price: $57.38 Offer Price: $5.95 Features: Complete layout and measurement projects by yourself. Simply roll on a surface to measure in 1/8″ increments over 300 ft. Adds measurements and computes even spaced points for precise layout. It does the math! Auto marking, no need for […]

Black & Decker BDSM100 Marksman Sonic Distance Measure

Manufacturer: Black & Decker Model: BDSM100 Rating: (4 reviews) List Price: $50.64 Offer Price: $18.95 Features: Handheld electronic measuring device with volume and area readouts Emits sound waves for rough measurements; digital display; memory Pivoting head for taking measurements at different angles and in tight quarters Includes soft bag and 9-volt battery Metric or standard […]

Bosch DLR165K Laser Rangefinder Kit

Manufacturer: Bosch Model: DLR165K Rating: (15 reviews) List Price: $280.00 Offer Price: $99.99 Features: Precision Laser Measuring Technology – Laser beam does both pointing and measuring. Four Measuring Reference Points – back, front, swing-out extension pin for measuring from inside corners or channels, or center of optional tripod Three Measurement Systems – Feet and inches, […]

Sonin 10300 Multi-Measure Combo PRO Professional Electronic Distance Measuring Tool w/Protective Pouch

Manufacturer: Sonin Model: 10300 Rating: (8 reviews) List Price: $160.73 Offer Price: $79.99 Features: Measures up to 250′ using electronic target (included) or up to 60′ without target Adds, subtracts and multiplies – area and volume Measurements up to 60′ display in feet/inches, decimal feet, meters or yards Multiple memories, tracking and validating functions Accuracy […]

Leica Disto 751962 A6 Laser Distance Meter

Manufacturer: Leica Model: A6 Rating: ( reviews) List Price: $649.00 Offer Price: $649.00 Features: Indoors or outdoors Integrated BLUETOOTH« technology Product Description Leica DISTO A6 Laser Distancemeter, with integrated Bluetooth technology, transmits your measured values without wires to your Pocket PC or laptop for further processing with the program of your choice (e.g. Word, Excel, […]

Zircon 58430 DMS50L 50 Ultrasonic Measure with Laser Targeting

Manufacturer: Zircon Model: 58430 Rating: (8 reviews) List Price: $69.99 Offer Price: $32.50 Features: Measure length, width, area and volume electronically Tapeless measuring device ideal for a wide range of tasks Instantly measure interior room dimensions up to 50 feet (15 m) Easy to use–just point at target, press a button, and read the measurement […]

CST/Stanley 77-910 TLM100 FatMax Tru-Laser 1/4-Inch at 100 Feet Laser Measurer

Manufacturer: CST/Berger Model: 77-910 Rating: (46 reviews) List Price: $99.99 Offer Price: Too low to display Features: Laser measuring tool accurate to 1/4 inch at 100 feet at touch of button Adds and subtracts measures and calculates areas or volumes Plastic case with ergonomic rubberized grip Features large LCD graphical display 12.8 ounces; 1-year limited […]